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“Loving someone doesn’t change who they are, it only changes your view of them.” © Adam Rozovsky, Split Adam

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B133The highly anticipated sequel to Opaque resumes where Adam struggles to pick up the pieces of his youth after having lost both his biological and adoptive fathers to The Iksha. Discovering that someone he’d once despised is now the only living link to his biological mother, he fights aggressively — temporarily balancing the darkness and light through psychological counseling.


The Iksha momentarily neutralized, the descendants bravely decide to join life on the surface by moving from their underground safe house in International Falls to Piure — hoping to draw out their enemy while planning an infiltration. A biokenretic Hexacuh that is cast around Piure, proves to be a double-edged sword. Though it provides minimal protection, it stifles Adam further by confining him. Even worse, no one has any idea of what the Hex has already trapped within the city limits.

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A combination of unbearable nightmares about Terry’s accidental death, Carly’s grief over the loss of her parents, Jo’s developing supernatural abilities, and various teen woes all plague him. Weighing heavily on his mind, seemingly causing it to fracture into dual personalities. Adam tries desperately to prevent his mind from reverting back into the opaque object it once was. When Carly leaves in search of answers and returns with a cure that’s beyond what anyone could’ve expected, it forces Adam to face a part of himself that he never thought he’d live to see.


Rave Reviews!

“Dare I say, this one was better than the first…Adam becomes the character to looooove. He discovers where his dark thoughts came from and actually seeks out therapy. I fell in love with Evan and Jo and their budding relationship. Basically, nearly every character in this book is loveable. I absolutely cannot wait for book 3. This is an awesome series to read.” — Barnes & Noble Reader

“I waited patiently for this book and I was not disappointed. This installment kept me turning pages like crazy….A story like this deserves to be made into a movie! Awesome!! Highly recommended.” — RicksterSciFi

“We found Book 2 of the Scion Saga to be exquisite and shamelessly addictive. It answers many questions that originated from the Opaque (Book 1), but also opened up a whole new world that we were excited to be immersed in. In Book 1, Adam was a bit of a challenge because he was troubled, but without us understanding why. After gaining understanding, we fell deeply in love with his acidic humor and protective nature. Split Adam gloriously explored more of Carly’s roots and helped us understand how she’d become so self-reliant and fierce. The entire gang of descendants with these seductive supernatural powers have gained lifetime fans in us! We can’t wait for Book 3.” — Google User


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