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In the third installment of the Scion Saga Series, Carly abandons her innocence to progress into a mature young adult. Amidst a succession of changes, an unlikely ally will not only reveal the Descendant’s origin, but also the Iksha’s.

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Believing the Iksha has been their worst enemy for a millennia, the Descendants now discover a more lethal force. Specular will unveil a realm of history, exposing secrets, confirming truths, breaking old bonds, and forming new ones.



Get your copies of Opaque: Scion Saga Book 1 and Split Adam: Scion Saga Book 2 before the release of Specular: Scion Saga Book 3!

Catch up on your Descendant and Iksha history and join the Bloodline Party!


Available for sale at every major book retailer in the nation! To order with author signature and swag, visit publisher’s page


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