The Fokin’s are keepers, lovestruck, and harmonious. The two Fokin’s in the first installment are Baxter and Sage. Sage Fokin Sage is a lanky prankster who fancies himself in love in Fenyx. He’s initially outspoken and braggadocios. He enjoys grandiosity, but he’s generally friendly and quick-witted.     Sage can emit ectoplasmic/electricity attacks and shockwave… Continue reading THE FOKIN BLOODLINE


Kashirin’s are highly intelligent, traitorous, and selfish. The main Kashirin in the series is Fenyx. Fenyx Kashirin   Fenyx has a perfect I.Q. She’s extremely intelligent, skilled in advanced technology, and often develops programs and assets for Afrax. She wears eyeglasses, a ponytail, and has a slight frame — but she’s humbly gorgeous. Fenyx’s primary… Continue reading THE KASHIRIN BLOODLINE