Did you know that the author of the Scion Saga Series has released a 2nd Edition of the series, featuring a new POV? That’s right! All of your favorite Descendants have been reawakened in the most magnificent way.

Scion Saga Book 1, Second Edition

The series was fantastic from the beginning, and now the author has taken the series to a whole new level. We can all rest easy knowing that Book 3 will feature the 3rd POV we had prayed for.

Oh and here’s the best part: For all of our Scion Saga Addicts who have read the books, the author is offering a free Second Edition with FREE SHIPPING! This is just another reason why we formed this fan club. It’s a pleasure to represent a gracious author like Calix Leigh-Reign!

Scion Saga Book 2, Second Edition

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to cuddle up by the fireplace with some warm cocoa and brand new Second Edition Scion Saga book!

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