Did you know that the author has created a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for the growing SCION SAGA fandom? Yup, it’s true! Ever since BOOK 1 began being distributed through Walmart and Kmart the series has grown a larger fan base. Now there’s a place where fans of the Scion Saga can gather and discuss plots, theories, and anything else that may come to mind.


So far, the AUTHOR has been responsive to questions posted and has even provided insight to plot complexities. As any fan would know, the Descendant Bloodlines can be a tad confusing if not followed closely. Fans have asked some intense questions and the author has simplified it.

cropped-b400.jpg**NEW FANS!**

New fans are discovering the series and are finding the group to be a great place to learn more and even make suggestions. Who knows, maybe your suggestion might appear in the new book!

The FAN GROUP is something that the author makes a priority and so far, has given freebies! Who knows what’ll happen from day to day? We do know that you won’t want to miss it. Spread the word. When it comes to the world of books, sharing is caring!


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