Book 2 Now Available!

Great news for all of the old and new Scion Saga Addicts out there!

Split Adam: Scion Saga Book 2 is now for sale everywhere!

Split Adam: Scion Saga Book 2

Autographed. Free shipping and author swag included!


B-203 Split Adam

Book 2 flawlessly explores the new relationships that are budding in Adam’s adventurous life, while he grieves over the loss of his father and Terry. He’s burdened by the guilt of having contributed to Terry’s accidental demise. At the tender age of 16, his mind hasn’t yet discovered how to deal with such a heavy weight. After so much, his mind seems to splinter off into dual personalities. Split Adam gloriously reveals a part of Adam that we all hoped had existed. If you liked him before, you will love him now!B-152 Split Adam

Meanwhile, Carly is dealing with the loss of both of her parents. She’s feeling guilty about not being able to reveal to Adam what truly happened to her mother. She and Adam commit more time to each other and learn to communicate, with the help of Jo.

We absolutely adore how Split Adam twists and turns around situations that you just can’t see coming. After that first twist, we guarantee that you’ll be as hooked as we were. Turning pages until the sun rises, anxious to finish it. After Opaque, we had so many questions and Split Adam definitely did not disappoint us. We’re even hungrier for Book 3!


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