The Fokin’s are keepers, lovestruck, and harmonious. The two Fokin’s in the first installment are Baxter and Sage.

Sage Fokin

Fokin Bloodline Post 2Sage is a lanky prankster who fancies himself in love in Fenyx. He’s initially outspoken and braggadocios. He enjoys grandiosity, but he’s generally friendly and quick-witted. Sage can emit ectoplasmic/electricity attacks and shockwave emissions in the form of spirals, rings, and blasts. He primarily releases his attacks in the form of bolts and rings. His Limbal Ring is Mindago green.


Baxter Fokin

Baxter is an Afrax council member. He doesn’t exhibit a trait, but has accumulated years of wisdom. He’s a bitter middle-aged man who doesn’t like change. He’s known to use fear as a tool to control other council members so that they won’t vote in favor to fight back.

Fokin Bloodline Post

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