The Levkin’s are known to be grumpy and bipolar. But multi-talented. They are inexplicably drawn to the Fokin Bloodline. They’re primarily conductors, though not all exhibit a trait. The main Levkin’s in the series are Ksenyia and Krill.

Krill Levkin

Krill Levkin


Krill split most of life between a Scottish military service and other various unknown training camps. He has the massive frame of a bodybuilder and a blonde buzz cut. His appearance alone if intimidating.



He’s a human armory. A walking military tank. He can expel most any form of weaponry from his core — including missiles. His Limbal Ring is silver.


Ksenyia Levkin

Ksenyia Cartoon Sketch

Ksenyia is, at first glance, a supermodel. She’s 5’10, slender, and British. She’s slightly arrogant, but highly skilled in bio-sorcery.  She’s a conductor and can re-purpose energy from other Descendants. She also has the ability to mentally torture others. Her Limbal Ring is Bronze.


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