Wit’s are fierce, independent, pokerfaced, inquisitive, and analytical. The main Wit’s in the series are Carly, Dauma, Jude, Erik, Ian, Chandler, and Vera. Ian and Chandler aren’t fully introduced until Book 2, so we’ll focus on the others.

Dauma Wit

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Dauma Wit

Dauma is Carly’s mother. She has Ethiopian and Egyptian heritage. She’s tall, impeccably built, calm, pokerfaced, and unbelievably strong. She’s the eldest, wisest, and strongest of all Descendants. She’s a no nonsense parent who teaches Carly to be strong and responsible at all times. She possesses a plethora of abilities. Ambient energy manipulation, hybrid bio-scan, DNA manipulation and analysis. Her Limbal Ring glows amethyst in color when her core is active.

Carly Wit

Carly Wit


Carly is a fit 16 year old girl. She’s a strong, independent, Afro-Russian implant from Silver Springs, Minnesota. She’s respectful, intelligent, analytical, and inquisitive.

She controls fire in every form. Pyrokinreyis. She has the power to heal, regenerate, cellular disintegration, and control of the human conscious. Her Limbal Ring flames crimson red in color when her core is active.


Judith Wit

Jude Wit


Jude is Carly’s cousin, raised primarily in Australia. She’s a 5’1 Aussie with a bouncy short haircut. She’s initially bubbly until the weight of a looming Iksha take their toll on her. Then she momentarily slips into negativity and pessimism.




She possesses the ability to control her own metabolism and conditional invulnerability. Basically, for a limited amount of time, she’s indestructible. Her Limbal Ring is turquoise in color.



Vera Wit is Carly’s paternal aunt who lives in California. Vera does not exhibit a trait and has no mutated Limbal Ring. She provides Carly moral and familial support throughout.

Erik Wit is Carly’s doting Russian father. He does not exhibit a trait. His presence is brief, as he is captured by the Iksha and presumed dead.

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Carly Wit

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