Solomin’s are generally known to be adventurous travelers, loyal, impatient, skeptical, and loving. The two main Solomin’s in the series are Mariah (‘Rye’) and Evan. Rye and Evan are Irish twins, born only 10 months apart.

Evan Solomin

Evan Solomin

Evan, being the eldest of the two, is easygoing, playful, and heavily resembles actor Chris Evans. He possesses the ability to visually alter reality. Essokinreyis.




When in battle, he blinds his opponent to gain advantage. When around friends, he takes them on visual trips to tropical locations. His Limbal Ring glows Navy Blue in color when his biokenretic core activates.

Mariah “Rye” Solomin

Rye is a petite fashionista and Carly’s BFF. She’s fiercely loyal, impatient, and skeptical. Her primary traits are speed, teleportation, and portal creation.

Rye Solomin

She can port you to a different room, state, planet, or universe! Her skill is feared by all and unmatched.

Her Limbal Ring glows Lemon Yellow in color when her biokenretic core activates.

Rye and Evan’s father, Maks Solomin, is a council member. They lost their mother at a very young age, are fiercely protective of each other, and have an unbreakable bond. Rye and Evan venture into relationships in Split Adam: Book 2. One of which, will come as quite the surprise! Stay tuned!


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