Here’s some helpful information for attendees of the Bloodline Party who haven’t yet read the first book:

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There are 7 Russian Descendant Bloodlines.

Descendant Bloodlines

Wit, Levkin, Osborn, Kashirin, Fokin, Solomin, and Rozovsky.

AdamDescendants are humans whose genes have abnormally mutated, giving them a host of supernatural abilities. Not all Descendants exhibit a trait, though all carry the gene. Those who do not exhibit a trait are still at risk of extermination by the Iksha because the genetic marker can be harnessed, even while dormant. Descendants who do exhibit traits, have a distinctive colored Limbal Ring that’s only visible when their biokenretic core charges.


Adam's Limbal Ring CroppedA Limbal Ring is the dark circle around the iris of the eyeball. Every human has one. Some are just so light that they’re indistinguishable with the naked eye. A normal distinguishable Limbal Ring for human beings is black in color. Russian Descendants who exhibit traits can be exposed for what they truly are if their glowing colored Limbal Ring is seen by another. A fundamental skill of all Descendants is levitation. All Descendants possess the ability to manipulate matter with the use of their core on the smallest scale (doors, windows, locks, and other small items). This mutation is called biokenreyis. It requires no charge from the core and thus, those not exhibiting a trait have no mutated Limbal Ring and are far less powerful than those who do.


The Bloodline Party is only 4 days away! We’re preparing goodie bags for a few lucky Scion Saga Addicts. We have Descendant Bloodline coffee mugs, autographed advanced copies of Split Adam: Book 2, autographed copies of Opaque: Book 1, Descendant Bloodline bookmarks, and a few Amazon gift cards! You won’t want to miss it. See you all there!

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