Журналы – The Journals

JournalEvery family’s ancestral tree is sacred. Not just the bloodline, but the stories told of the lives lived. In Opaque, we were invited into Alexandra’s life through the журнал she left for Adam. In Split Adam, we’ll get a glimpse into a different Descendant’s journal. But whose?

The 7 bloodlines go back several centuries, as far as we know. That’s a multitude of generations and a mountain of history. So, how many Descendant Journals are there? Perhaps the Descendant’s struggle with their future because they haven’t reconciled with their past. We all know that history is doomed to repeat if we continue to ignore it. In Split Adam, the fans would love to explore the Журналы [The Journals] more thoroughly. I just wonder if the author will keep us guessing or finally turn those Russian-inked pages.  We are dancing in our seats with anticipation! Don’t keep us guessing for too long Cālix!35704770 - a macro shot of a luxurious leather notbook.

Don’t forget that the Descendant Bloodline Party kicks off on May 1st! You won’t want to miss the juicy character trait reveals of each of the 7 Descendant Bloodlines! It’s all going down right here on the SSA Fan Page and on our Facebook Page! See ya there!

As a special treat, Opaque: Scion Saga Book 1 is currently *FREE* on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Kobo until the cover reveal! We urge you to take advantage of this while you still can.

33 thoughts on “Журналы – The Journals”

  1. The 7 bloodlines back? Now this will no doubt be a heckuva series. You have my full attention now. I just love in-depth writing like this!

  2. So happy for you Calix! I remember last year we were all very nervous about how Opaque will fare. And now it’s a big success! Cheers!

  3. I joined the event on Facebook on May 1st and it was awesome! Thank you Calix! Looking forward to more events like that.

  4. You are a prolific writer. I’ve been following your work and you are simply amazing!

  5. I can’t wait! I love Opaque and I am very curious to know which Descendant’s story is gonna unfold next. Bring it on!

  6. I haven’t finished Opaque yet! But I am already excited for this! You’re really a genius Calix, I am so hooked!

  7. I will want a leather covered copy of this series. I will want to know the schedule for the book signings. I know I won’t get everything I say but I said it anyway! Awesome story!

  8. The pictures remind me of the diary of Indiana Jones Sr. from the movies. Its appearance give it such an aura of mystery. I could only wonder if this series will be released with that kind of cover!

    1. Yeah it does kinda remind me of an Indiana Jones feel now that you mention it. Gives a certain amount of mystique to it all.

  9. I heard that he author wrote the entire book in a classy way. I hope this turns out to be another sleeper hit because it’s deserving of some awesome praise. Great job!

  10. I agree with Harvey’s comment! Those leather covers do look very appealing! Gives the book a feel of sacredness and mystery. I won’t mind spending extra for that!

  11. I don’t know if you’ve already though about this but I think releasing this series with the leather cover would be awesome! The keychain-like thingies look very interesting as well. I believe they will be a hit with fans and collectors alike!

  12. Scion saga interesting title. In this case what does SCION mean? Serious question.

  13. “Perhaps the Descendant’s struggle with their future because they haven’t reconciled with their past” What I think that, if you have good experience in the past, you might become happy to face your future.

  14. ” Opaque: Scion Saga Book 1 is currently *FREE* on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Kobo” – I guess I just found out the next web page I am gonna visit next! I love and hate teasers so much! If only the entire series would all be released simultaneously…

  15. Opaque has gotten me hooked already. This much intrigue is making me anxious in reading these. Wait a minute! I saw the word “free”… heading for the site to get it! Thanks!

  16. Really? 7 bloodlines, that’s indeed a multitude of generations, as well as stories to tell or to read. This might be a long series, and I’m keen to finish it all!

  17. A free book on Amazon! I love special treats, thank you for that. And I’m really looking forward for that Descendants journal as well, can’t wait!

  18. I’m so excited to get to know what’s inside the new journal. Fell in love with Adam and Alexandra so it’s really, really important for me to read that new one!

  19. Oh yes please…don’t make us wait too long, Calix! I love Opaque. But I wanna know more about the Descendants!

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