32 thoughts on “Descendant Bloodlines”

  1. This is a great gift to someone who collects mugs. They have simple designs but it surely is nice.

  2. I must have these mugs! I love collecting memorabilia from novels. Hobby. Not easy buy I find it enjoyable. As with reading of course!

  3. The Descendants… Hmmm… Movie with George Clooney in it and a Disney TV program. From what I’ve read about Opaque, this is definitely going to be more interesting than those!

  4. I love the red and pink mugs! Where can I get them? Will they be free on purchase of a book? When I get one, I gotta find the places where you’re gonna do book-signings. You have to sign one of these mugs for me!

  5. Ooh! Those mugs I likey! Where can I buy them? If I am gonna be reading this series, I’m gonna be reading them with hot choco in those mugs!

  6. 7 bloodlines you say? I love it! This will be a long series, and I’m showing it’s Russian, I do hope there is English translation. Thank you.

  7. This Russian book looks interesting. I’m not into book reads though, is it available online?

  8. A Russian book? Is it something like the Metro series? If so count me in; I love post-apocalyptic worlds.

  9. Is this an online book? Or some sort of webcomic that got a physical release or something? I’m pretty new to this to be honest.

  10. That’s Russian language, right? What does it mean? Sorry to ask, curious and can’t copy paste it onto Google translate, nor can I type it myself. Anyway, this really builds us the intrigue on the book! Awesome!

  11. This is definitely gonna be interesting! If it will clear things up or expound things, this will really be worth the read!

  12. I love history and love to read a lot of historical facts and events. It gives me a sense of motivation and inspiration from those real life heroes. The title of the book is engaging and I am eager to read this book. Good luck to the author.

  13. I like the title of the book as it is different and interesting and it makes me want to know more about it. I read a lot of books usually and my favorite genre is thriller, suspense. So, who knows I might get addicted to this book. Kudos to the author.

  14. I wonder if this book has some drawn panels as well like a graphic drawing on how the scenes are taking place.

  15. I want to know the history of Scion because I don’t have idea of the Saga. Is that the lead character in the movie, the one in the picture? Is that Scion?

  16. Scion seems like an interesting series I’d love to pick up soon. The descendant bloodlines seem intriguing.

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