32 thoughts on “Descendant Bloodlines”

  1. I must have these mugs! I love collecting memorabilia from novels. Hobby. Not easy buy I find it enjoyable. As with reading of course!


  2. The Descendants… Hmmm… Movie with George Clooney in it and a Disney TV program. From what I’ve read about Opaque, this is definitely going to be more interesting than those!


  3. I love the red and pink mugs! Where can I get them? Will they be free on purchase of a book? When I get one, I gotta find the places where you’re gonna do book-signings. You have to sign one of these mugs for me!


  4. Ooh! Those mugs I likey! Where can I buy them? If I am gonna be reading this series, I’m gonna be reading them with hot choco in those mugs!


  5. 7 bloodlines you say? I love it! This will be a long series, and I’m showing it’s Russian, I do hope there is English translation. Thank you.


  6. That’s Russian language, right? What does it mean? Sorry to ask, curious and can’t copy paste it onto Google translate, nor can I type it myself. Anyway, this really builds us the intrigue on the book! Awesome!

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  7. I love history and love to read a lot of historical facts and events. It gives me a sense of motivation and inspiration from those real life heroes. The title of the book is engaging and I am eager to read this book. Good luck to the author.

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  8. I like the title of the book as it is different and interesting and it makes me want to know more about it. I read a lot of books usually and my favorite genre is thriller, suspense. So, who knows I might get addicted to this book. Kudos to the author.

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  9. I want to know the history of Scion because I don’t have idea of the Saga. Is that the lead character in the movie, the one in the picture? Is that Scion?

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