How the SCION SAGA was born

The author of the thrilling new young adult sci-fi series talks about how it all began.


SSA: How did you come up with the idea for Opaque [the book that started it all] and the overall biokenretic mutation?

Cālix: In hindsight, it was all a bit cliche. I was watching the Investigation ID channel late one night, as usual, and I fell asleep while watching. I had a terrible nightmare about a young man with flashing golden eyes. Adam's Limbal Ring CroppedHe terrified me because his face was innocent but his thoughts were not. That was the first nightmare. I woke up breathing heavily and thanking my stars that this boy wasn’t real. I didn’t understand what I had seen in my dream. The following night, he came back. Sad and pleading. It was almost as if he was trying to explain himself in the next dream. His Limbal Ring was a discernible gold. He was just so angry. So frustrated. But the point was that he wouldn’t let go. When I woke up, all I knew was that his name was Adam and I wanted him out of my dreams, onto paper.

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Adam and Carly Drawing

SSA: Was the writing immediate? Or did you wait it out (a la George RR Martin)?

Cālix: I immediately flipped open my laptop and started what I thought would be a journal entry just to purge the nightmares. But I was writing his thoughts. Once I realized that, I knew what was happening. I titled my project “Darkness in Light”. The first thing I ever wrote was: “No one even notices my contempt. They’re so *** stupid. Blind is more like it. I could sprout horns right now and they’d still be in denial about who and what I truly am, so I blend. I could literally kill every living creature and feel the same nothing I already feel.” He was an angry young man.


SSA: If he frightened you, did you think he’d scare others away?

Cālix: His thoughts were truly dark and disturbing, and though I wanted them out of my head, I didn’t want his existence to cease. A part of me wanted to help him. I completed half of the first chapter within minutes and then paused. He was indeed scary. But I decided that he deserved to exist and have his say as much as anyone else. So, I reached out to a man that I had the utmost respect for, and asked him if he would read what I had written. I decided that if he (who was not easily intimidated) was frightened, then I would let Adam remain in a diary somewhere.

Specular wallpaper

My friend (the wonderful Edward Jordan III) responded positively and unafraid. That was a green-light for me. Adam wrote himself. I was just the medium. To my delight, Adam just needed a little understanding and patience. I think that’s what he wanted from me. To understand him and convey his message.


The biokenretic gene that involves the mutation of the Limbal Ring located around the human iris stemmed from Adam’s eyes flashing gold in my dreams of him.AdamI ultimately completed Opaque in 3 weeks, but there was no ending in sight. Meaning, I had gone over 100k words and had to force myself to stop. Adam and Carly didn’t want their story to end. Jo and Dauma had unfinished business. So my spillage turned into second and third sequels. That, in short, is how the Scion Saga Series was born.

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Well, there you have it fans! From the author herself. Follow Cālix Leigh-Reign on Facebook or visit her official website Opaque is currently on sale everywhere books are sold. Split Adam: Book 2 will be release on 7/31/17 (available for pre-order on Amazon). Catch up on your descendant knowledge and join the phenomenon that is the Scion Saga!

33 thoughts on “How the SCION SAGA was born”

  1. You definitely have a vivid imagination to come up with something like this. And I have great respect for you for actually seeing it through and making it into a product. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is great! I am an aspiring writer for films. I have written mainly for independent films but I am hoping one day that I could be as successful as you.


  3. Only one teenage guy in the story? Why not make it two? Love triangle. Then again, that would be so cliche. I hope this will become movies too someday!


  4. If only there is a way to share just a little bit of your creativity to simpletons like me, I’d probably get better scores on my essays! It just seems so unreal that people can coma up with awesome stories like this. I can barely write a 1000-word essay!


  5. I did not expect that the origin for the series was that creepy! It is creepy in a good way though. I mean, it resulted to the first book, didn’t it? Can’t wait to read more!


  6. The story has already gotten me hooked. It’s just that, I feel like the artwork isn’t doing the story much justice. I really hope some serious consideration will be exerted in improving that part. I mean, I bought several copies of each of the Harry Potter books just because of the different cover arts they have per release!


  7. It’s pretty impressive how a person’s mind could go on for hours thinking of words to write. It sure is a talent being a writer. Can’t imagine myself writing 100k words.


  8. So that’s where the logo came from. I thought it was like just gleaming eyes, it’s gold! Very nice imagination dear.


  9. I am always interested on how an author came up with a great book. I love reading books but I don’t think I can be a writer.


  10. “as usual, and I fell asleep while watching” What I think that, sometimes, you feel tired while you are working, you might wash your face. Then you might ready to sleep.


  11. This was definitely an interesting read! It’s pretty cool seeing how some authors come up with their ideas for their books.


  12. It is simply amazing how you can write that much from a nightmare! 100k words! I struggle with 1k-word essays wide awake! Your have a truly enviable ability!

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  13. I never knew you can get inspiration for a story from a nightmare. I rarely get nightmares and whenever I get a scary one I write it down in my diary. Just fir the record as I read it in my free time. The author is so inspirational and excited. I have started a book but have left it hanging in there so I am going to start it and finish it soon. I will surely read the book. A big thanks to the author.

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  14. Hello Calix…thank you for giving us an insight as to how this wonderful saga was born. It seems like the story just flowed out naturally from your thoughts (and dreams). By the way, how do you deal with writers’ block?

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  15. Wow that was very interesting. She came up with a book that is about her nightmare. To my understanding, the man is Adam right, the character in her dream, with a Limbal ring? I want to see more of the story.

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  16. Writing out a usually unconventional protagonist must’ve been a challenge! What makes characters good isn’t always that they’re good and relatable but a raw and real personality.

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  17. Okay so then my question for the author is why write about a boy that would be hard to like? The mind of a teen is fickle and the attention span is nonexistent to say the least

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    1. Hi Jennifer and thanks for reading and being a fan! Well, to answer your question, not everyone is immediately likeable. I didn’t want to compromise the integrity of Adam’s natural raw character in order to mold him into someone else. The attention span of a teenager varies and depends on many things. One important factor is if they’re an avid reader. Adam may require patience or understanding to like, but that’s most human beings. That’s real life. In my opinion anyway. Keep reading!

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